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Lines in the Sand

22 July
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I am a 19 (at the moment)-year-old student, currently studying Engineering at Trinity Hall, Cambridge. In the summer of 2002 I attended the International Physics (in Bali, Indonesia) and Biology (in Latvia) Olympiad competitions. I like all kinds of science, especially when they can be used to do something useful or aesthetically pleasing. I collect minerals and bizarre plants, because I am attracted to atypical objects. I enjoy making interesting Lego Technic models, especially when controlled by computers, and electronics. I also play the flute (badly) and occasionally write things (even worse).
adiemus, altitude sickness, anaesthetics, ancient greek, artificial intelligence, artificial life, astronomy, babbage, badminton, badminton rackets, beauty in design, biology, biomimetics, bismuth, bizarre plants, book-binding, bookbinding, books, cacti, cakes, cambridge, cambridge university, carborundum, cellular automata, chemistry, chemistry olympiad, chocolate, classical greek, classics, computer games, computers, cooking, correctness, crystallography, dali, deep-sea biology, dendrites, dendritic pyrolusite, differential equations, dirk gently, doctor who, doing things properly, douglas adams, eclentricity, electronics, engineering, enya, evolution, extraterrestrials, firewheel trees, fractals, gadgets, genetic algorithms, godel escher bach, handhelds, hhgttg, hieronymus bosch, i suppose, ibo 13, ifs, informatics, ipho 33, isaac asimov, iteration, jean michel jarre, jorge luis borges, juggling, kai ton loipon, latin, lego, lewis carroll, lichtenberg figures, life, lissajous figures, litharge, lithops, m. c. escher, machine learning, magritte, mandelbrot set, mao, mathematics, maths, medical informatics, mems, mike oldfield, mindstorms, minerals, modular origami, mythology, nanotechnology, narnia, natural selection, neal stephenson, neural networks, olympiads, opals, origami, oscillating reactions, patterns, photography, physics, physiology, plants, polymorphism, pondering, programming, punting, quartz, rachmaninov, radioactive minerals, reading, reciprocal frames, recursion, robocup, robocup junior, robots, science, science fiction, self-reference, self-replicators, self-similarity, sierpinski gaskets, slide rules, snowflakes, space, steampunk, stephen baxter, surrealism, symmetry, tardis, tea, theremins, tom lehrer, tom stoppard, trinity hall, tungsten carbide, twelfth night, umberto eco, vangelis, viruses, vitruvius, widmanstatten patterns, winchester, winchester college, zoology